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Eightwe Digital Transformations is building a dream office in the cloud to offer inclusivity and financial stability to women. A company represented by MOMS.

Applications for 2023 are now closed!

July 29, 2023 - February 24, 2024
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Why You Should Apply

Tailored for Moms

Our Launch Pad Program is exclusively designed for moms who have taken a career break. We understand the unique challenges and aspirations you face, and our program is tailored to meet your specific needs. We provide a supportive and empowering environment that enables you to regain confidence, acquire new skills, and successfully restart your career in the digital marketing industry.

Cutting-Edge Tools and Technologies

Our Launch Pad Program ensures that you stay ahead of the curve by providing training on the latest tools and technologies in the digital marketing industry. You will get hands on experience in latest technology & marketing tools such as ChatGPT, Canva, Google AdWords, Google Analytics, and other essential SEO tools.

Flexibility and Work-Life Balance

We understand the importance of maintaining a work-life balance, especially for moms. Our Launch Pad Program offers flexibility that allows you to balance your personal commitments while pursuing your career goals. The program is designed to accommodate your schedule, with online access to course materials, virtual sessions, and self-paced learning.

Comprehensive Curriculum and Hands-On Experience

Our program offers a comprehensive curriculum that covers all aspects of digital marketing. From fundamental concepts to advanced strategies, you will gain a deep understanding of the field. Moreover, we prioritize hands-on experience to ensure you are equipped with practical skills.

Personalized Mentorship and Networking Opportunities

We believe in your potential and are committed to your success. Our program provides personalized mentorship from experienced industry professionals who will guide and support you throughout the journey

Who Can Apply?

Our Launch Pad Program is open to moms who:

✅ Have taken a career break and are looking to restart their professional journey.

✅ Have an interest in the field of digital marketing and a desire to learn

✅ Are dedicated and committed to actively participating in the 30-week program.

✅ Have basic computer literacy and access to a computer with an internet connection.

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Companies do not take a very welcoming stance when some people want to come back to work after taking a break. This is where the start-up 8we Digital comes into its own.

Where moms come to work - Eightwe helps mothers continue their career with ease.

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